Décor Centre.


Inspired ideas and expert advice in a beautiful setting.

Your own home – a true reflection of your heart-felt dreams and aspirations. You want to make it the finest, the most elegant residence possible. We understand and share your passion. That’s why we have a comprehensive 5,000 square foot Décor Centre filled with countless design ideas, materials, layouts and vignettes to help make your dream come true. What’s more, we also have expert design professionals on staff to guide you in making the right selections for your Primont home.

Our award winning Décor Centre offers only the best quality products and services from a wide selection of industry leaders. When you step into our Décor Centre you are entering a space that is inspirational. Surrounded by hardwood and marble floors, we invite you to browse and explore the hundreds of possibilities. With a vast selection of materials to choose from, your dream home can really become a reality.